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The strategic and tactical guidance you need to build the responsible career and Good Life you want!


Imagine knowing where to find career opportunities in corporate social responsibility (CSR), social enterprises, and nonprofit management - and then knowing precisely how to successfully compete for the career opportunities that best align with your own unique goals. The More Than Money (MTM) League course will show you how to do that – and more.

For this course, we distilled Dr. Mark Albion's 30+ years of work with management professionals and values-based businesses and Dr. Mrim Boutla's strategic and tactical career coaching strategies into a 6-week self-paced online course that will empower you to build the responsible career and the Good Life you want!

As a participant in our MTM League, you will be able to apply our REACH Career Management Process™ to your own career. This unique combination of conceptual and practical guidance will enable you to successfully compete for career opportunities in CSR, social enterprises, and nonprofit management. Our REACH Career Management Process™ will empower you to:

  • Reflect upon your experiences and education to optimally articulate your career (and life) priorities and goals.
  • Explore challenging and rewarding career options in CSR, social enterprises, and nonprofit management.
  • Activate your network and build your community of love to learn more about the trade-offs present in the career path you are considering.
  • Compete for career opportunities that align with your Destiny Plan and will enable you to turn your values into value.
  • Harvest the rewards of your hard work by exponentially increasing your overall career trajectory and satisfaction!

As a participant in the MTM League, you will:

  • Learn and apply our innovative and self-paced curriculum of 12 lessons and deliverables to optimally articulate your responsible career and good life goals, as well as successfully compete for career opportunities that align with your unique goals. This course was built to fit into the busy schedule of working professionals.
  • Gain access to weekly group coaching calls with Dr. Mark Albion and Dr. Mrim Boutla, co-creators of the MTM League! These weekly group coaching calls will enable you to further apply the strategies and tactics you learn in the self-paced lessons to your own career and life development goals.
  • Have numerous opportunities to make connections with like-minded professionals through ongoing forum discussions and tailored resources about professional associations and conferences of interest that will exponentially increase your overall responsible career trajectory and satisfaction!

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